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In the words of Roy T. Bennett “Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you” and these are words I live by. While our time together is destined to be great, it also needs to remain respectful. Throughout our relationship, from first contact onward, I expect you to be kind, courteous, and respectful of my time and my boundaries. I prefer to spend our time together in a drug-free environment, please refrain from imbibing in any illegal substances or I retain the right to terminate our date at any point throughout.





I love a kind, considerate, and courteous man who communicates thoroughly and openly with me. Please keep any and all correspondence light, polite, and tasteful. I am professional and kind and here to provide you with the service of your desires, but I'm not a server - I don't take orders.





There is nothing more attractive than the scent of a clean man… Good hygiene is an absolute must in my books, please arrive showered and with fresh breath. If I am hosting an in-call, there will be fresh linens (towels and robe) as well as the necessary toiletries available. I ask you shower and freshen up upon your arrival before making yourself comfortable.




I prefer to be able to have our full attention on one-another when meeting for our private engagement, and in the interest of absolute discretion I ask that there be no photography or video of our time together. Keep a vision of me and our time together for only yourself in your mind.




When we meet, please make sure to be on time as time is our most precious asset in life. I ask that you have your cash donation prepared in an envelope and that you place it somewhere within sight within the first few moments of our meeting - I prefer to be able to focus all of my attention on you and to avoid any awkwardness in having to ask for it. If we are meeting for a date in public, I ask that you place your donation in a gift bag or something else similarly discrete.


Longer Affairs


I love a vacation as much as the next girl, but even in paradise I need my beauty rest. For dates spanning beyond 24-hours or for vacations/multi-day getaways, I require 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep as well as 1-hour per day of personal time to recharge. This goes for mid-day rests and recharges, doing my yoga, or reconnecting with myself in solitude. I greatly appreciate you respecting this as it allows for me to remain present and energetic for everything we do.





Please do your best to respect my schedule, I understand that life happens and there can be events outside our control, but I too am human and have saved that space and time in my life for you. I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, any cancellations happening within 24 hours of our date are subject to a cancellation fee of 25%. New friends that cancel at the last minute or no-show will be permanently banned as my time and my respect are precious to me.




As much as I can ensure we are to have a wonderful time together and the reviews I do have are stellar, I ask that no reviews be left or made s’il vous plaît. Every experience with me is completely unique and customized, so no review could share the personality of the individual experience. If you have an excellent experience, feel free to share your excitement with me privately, but please refrain from leaving reviews in any public forums. Discretion of our time together is a mutual respect.




Our first time connecting is our first time getting to know each other. Please treat your first time reaching out to me like you would your about section for a dating profile, I want to know about your likes, dislikes, desires, the kind of attention you like, your love languages, the vibe you prefer for our time together, and some possibilities of what you would like to do during our time together… dinner, shopping, a date, letting the time go where it takes us…


Try to be as detailed as possible and please remember to include all of your information as well as your requested date and time of our engagement - the best times to contact me are between 9am and 9pm, please allow for up to 48 hours for a received reply to your email, and as always - remember your manners!


Gentlemen to the front of the line! Any requests received that are missing required information or that come off as hostile, demanding, or rude will be immediately expedited to the waste bin and will be ignored and not responded to.





I love a man who plans ahead and I have a preference and priority for longer arrangements. Confirmations will be made the day prior or up to a few hours before the appointment depending on the type of arrangement made. Please confirm you have received confirmation when it arrives in your inbox to solidify your appointment.

What to Expect



The beauty of life is not in the destination, but in the journey getting there. I am an attentive and affectionate girlfriend and enjoy the power of conversation as one of our ways of exploring each other. I'm known to be quite the conversationalist and get lost in the banter for hours, I find the more time spent learning and understanding each other, the better we can connect in more intimate scenarios.


The best dates to me start comfortably and casually, perhaps with a meal and a good vintage of wine as we allow the date to unwind and travel its own path. Once we have an energy and rapport flowing between us, exploring it in the bedroom becomes all that much more seductive, intense and enjoyable. Connecting our minds and our bodies together as we build our relationship will leave us both with that constant yearning hunger for more. Sometimes the best way is the long way and the more time we spend together, the more time we have to create that bond. There's nothing better than the caress of Beauty in your life.

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